Who we are

D Marmi snc has been in the field of marble, stone and granite for over 50 years; over time it has been evolving from a typically artisanal shop to a firm with industrial features. This allowed it to keep up with times and thus to face all sorts of jobs.

As of today, D Marmi can count on fifteen highly-skilled workers. They can deal with the most demanding and complicated jobs, both in the artisanal and industrial fields.

D Marmi can create unique pieces in which its workers’ skills can shine, but technology can keep industrial costs. Moreover it can create everything that, due to size or difficulty, a small shop cannot handle; it can even take on industrial-size jobs, whose complexity highlights, D Marmi’s ability to satisfy any need you may have.

Our firms also relies on a technical office that can take measurements and such in your construction, freeing you from responsibility of any possible mistake and guaranteeing the best results.

We also have a fair size stock-room, which allows us to finish jobs on time and with the material you actually choose.